What I need to do if I encountered issue/error related to Microsoft API

Spanning is using public Microsoft APIs and Spanning might receive unexpected error when trying to download or upload data from/to Microsoft.

Some of the issues/errors Spanning can resolve themselves or work with Microsoft directly to get a solution, a workaround or confirmation that it's a temporary issue and it will be resolved soon.

However, many issues/errors are unique for our customers and not happening with all our customers, usually it affects only one or few users on a particular tenant. In this case, Spanning is not able to work with Microsoft directly due to their changes around data privacy. Spanning is a third-party and not allowed to open support tickets on our customers behalf.

Microsoft provided us guide how to deal with such issues:

1. Open a support ticket with Microsoft on a tenant where issue/error is happening.

2. Include Spanning team as CC to Microsoft ticket. So, Spanning can provide all additional technical information required by Microsoft.

3. Continue to work with Microsoft until it is resolved.

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