04/18/2022 Graphus Release Notes v5.05.06

This release of Graphus has portal UI and reports email notification performance improvements and bug fixes.


Daily Insights Report

Enabling this feature will help the MSPs to get a phishing defense report for their customers on a daily basis. Admins can now enable it globally at MSP level, thereby activate the feature for all or a subset of organizations. Earlier it was available only locally at organization level.



Save as Default

When there are no organizations added yet, "Save as Default" is the only option for the admins to save the settings. When organizations are already present, "Save as Default" will apply the settings to organizations that the MSP will onboard in future. It won't apply the settings to existing organizations.


Settings will be applied selectively to a single organization or multiple organizations without affecting default settings. You will have the option of choosing all or a subset of organizations.

Save as Default and Apply

Combination of both

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