Troubleshooting and log collection for New SM (Kaseya Update 2.0)


Follow these steps to troubleshoot and collect the logs for the new SM module



Clear all settings in the SM interface

  1. Clear all pending actions
  2. Clear all errors
  3. Remove the Scan and Analysis profile
  4. Remove the Deployment profile
  5. Remove the 3rd Party profile
  6. Remove 3rd party support

Clear the logs

  1. Navigate to C:\ProgramData\Kaseya\Log\Endpoint\Instance_XXX\Tasks in the file system
  2. Move all folders and files to c:\temp\old_logs
    NB. Some may be in use and will not move, that is ok

Re-apply all settings

  1. Re-assign the Scan and Analysis profile
  2. Re-assign the Deployment profile
  3. Re-assign the 3rd Party profile
  4. Re-assign 3rd party support
  5. Schedule a scan
  6. Schedule a deployment (only if this is where the problem is seen)
  7. Wait for the process to complete, and the error is shown


Gather the Logs

  1. Download this file - taskRunnerSM.exe
  2. Save this to c:\temp\
    NB. You may need to add an exception to AV to allow this file to save/run.
    This is not a threat. It is written in-house.
  3. At a command prompt, run c:\temp\taskrunnerSM.exe c:\temp\
    Once complete, there will be a zip file in c:\temp\
  4. Attach this zip file to the support ticket


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