How can I see my Cloud capacity?


This article will assist in determining why cloud capacity has been exceeded.


When using the Unitrends Cloud, you may wish to review which of your clients are reporting space used against your cloud contract.  
This can be done from the source UI without engaging Unitrends Support.  



* System must be running version 9.1 or newer and CentOS 6..  How do I upgrade my appliance to Unitrends version 9.x?  However, enhancements to this system were made in more recent versions.  Please ensure you are always on the latest Unitrends release.  

  1. Navigate to Reports > Backup Copy > Backup Copy Capacity.
  2. Select your source system from the Appliance drop down list.
  3. Select Generate Report to generate the Backup Copy Capacity report.
  4. You will be presented with the capacity for each protected asset's backup that has been copied to the Unitrends Cloud.

Note, a defect in release 9.2 and 10.0 prevent Hyper-V assets from displaying in this interface.  If you replicate Hyper-V VM backups, you can add the chosen client full backup sizes to the output of this report, request a patch from Unitrends Support, or when available upgrade to release 10.1 which will contain a fix for this issue.  

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