Clearing a Cloud Bucket and Wiping the Filesystem


How to properly clear a cloud bucket prior to deleting the filesystem.



You want to delete the filesystem and cloud bucket/container.


Normally you could just use the Prepare button to delete all of the data and leave the filesystem.  However, there may be times when you want to delete the filesystem in addition to the cloud bucket/container.

Before deleting the filesystem, the cloud bucket/container must be cleared:

# /usr/bp/bin/cloudadm clear <storage>

If the bucket is not in the database, use this command instead:

# /usr/bp/bin/cloudadm clearall <storage> <address> <bucket> <protocol> <user> <password>

Cloudadm Parameters

storage  = the storage name used as a mount point
address = ‘s3’ if Amazon, ‘gs’ if Google, ‘swift’ if Rackspace
bucket = the bucket or container name, including prefix if any
protocol = always ‘cloud’ here
user = the cloud API user or Access Key
password = the API password:  called Secret, Secret Access Key or API Key


Additional CloudHook Information 

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