How Long are Imported Backups Retained For

In Unitrends appliances, when importing cold copies or hot copies back to a local appliance, retain imported backups for a default 72 hours to allow users sufficient time to action that data after the import has completed.  .  Imported backups are not deduplicated and consume significant space, so it is important the appliance remove them when able.  They do not re-insert into your retention history and cannot be leveraged for ongoing new backups.  They are designed and intended to be temporary items and you had prior chosen to remove them by policy or for capacity reasons already.  

These imported backups however are not immediately purged at 72 hours, that is just the MINIMUM time they are retained.  This is a configurable value in the appliance general configuration [StorageManager} HoursToHoldImportedArchive value. 


As of the current release, imported backups will be purged from internal storage if ALL of the following are true (and will be retained consuming storage otherwise):

  • 72 hours have elapsed since the backup successfully completed import.  
  • The appliance needs free space and requests a backup to be purged to make room.  
  • The Imported backup nor any of it's dependents are queued or active for restore in tasker.  
  • The imported backup and its dependents have not been mounted for FLR or Instant Recovery.  
  • The import is not still active.  
  • Legal hos has not been manually applied to the imported backup or one of it;s dependents.


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