How do I create a Job that does not run on a schedule?


How do I create a Job that does not run on a schedule? I would like to run it manually, on-demand.


This job will run once and never run again unless you select it, and click on Run.


I am creating a KB based on our discussion. Here are the instructions I have come up with.

1) JOBS > Create Job > (choose the Backup Job type)
2) Make your selections from INVENTORY and if needed any changes to the JOB INVENTORY SETTINGS, then click Next.
3) In the Define Job Settings

Select the backup mode: Custom
Click to Edit: (Calendar icon)
4) Drag and drop an item from the left, to the Calendar on a future date and time.
5) In the new dialogue box that opens, enable the box next to Recurrence: None
6) Click Save, then click Save again.
7) Change the Job Name to something useful (maybe include the work OnDemand or OD in the name) and click Save.

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