Tape Drive Not Found



The tape drive is not seen by Unitrends Backup.


Verify the following:

  • SCSI Termination is in place.
  • There are no adapters in the connection between the device and the backup system.
  • Shutdown both the backup system and the device. Power on the device and let it become idle/ready, then power up the backup system.
  • Make sure that the tape device is LVD/SD if SCSI
  • The backup system has a 68-pin high density connection for SCSI.
  • Run the following command to verify that the system sees the SCSI device. You should see 1or more Sequential access devices (tape driver heads) and, if you have a jukebox, a changer:
    cat /proc/scsi/scsi | egrep –B 2 “Sequential-Access|Medium Changer”
  • Run the following to additionally confirm our software recognizes your devices. The output should list your changer as an “/sg*” device and the tapes as “/nst*” devices:
    /usr/bp/bin/uarchive-scripts/tape.sh scan
  • A tape drive status may display, even if the drive is empty. For example based on the output of the above, run the following command with the sg* device indicated. The output should list the data transfer elements (drives) and all slots and their status. If you have a barcode reader additional information will be displayed about barcodes as well.
    mt -f /dev/sg5 status

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