Large archives (2 to 3TB) cause S3 connection to disconnect


There was an issue prior to 9.0.0-15 where large archives caused the S3 connection to disconnect.


Large archives of 2 to 3 TB may cause S3 disconnections.

Certain archive jobs fail with the message 'invalid metadata', while other archive jobs to the same storage are successful.

'External Storage: mystorage is Offline' notifications


Upgrade to Unitrends Backup release 9.0.0-15 or 9.1.0, or a later release.


Various conditions may contribute to this issue:

  • A bug in cmc_nas.
  • Cloud storage automatically unmounts after an archive job completes.  This is by design to avoid any network interruptions and the cloud storage will be automatically mounted when a new archive job starts.  An alert/notification was generated that the cloud storage was offline, which was unnecessary and is no longer generated.
  • df showed root filesystem at 100% due to some logically-deleted temporary files from mount.s3ql that were still holding space until they were flushed.

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