How do I restore from an Cold Backup Copy (Archive)?


This article explains restoring an archived backup, and links to detailed procedures.


When you perform an archive restore, the archived data is restored to the Unitrends backup appliance as a regular backup. After you restore an archive backup to the Unitrends appliance, it can be restored to the client in the same manner used to restore local backups. For detailed instructions on how to restore from an archive, see Restoring from archives in the Recovery-Series and UEB Administrator’s Guide.


Only the details of the backup job exist on the Appliance, which you can search on using the Status page (Legacy) or the Recovery page (HTML5). The Archive media contain the Archive Sets holding the data for the backups that match the date and time listed in the Status page.

When you perform a Restore of an Archived item, the selected items or job in placed back onto the Unitrends system, as a new backup to the client you selected. Once completed, you can find the backup listed under that client, where you can not choose where to restore it to.



NOTE: The process of bringing data back to the Unitrends system will consume space as the data is returned to the Unitrends system in its compressed state. If your system is low on space, you may see some purging of older data to accommodate the archive import.

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