NAS Archiving


Describes how the Unitrends System provisions NAS storage space.



Describes how the Unitrends System provisions NAS storage space.


You add NAS storage to a Unitrends Systems for either backups or archive storage. 

This storage is NOT formatted by the creation process as other attached disks normally are. Formatting of your NAS volume is a function of the filer, not the Unitrends System.  The file system of the NAS volume can be connected to using the CIFS or NFS protocols, but the volume must already exist.

The creation of new backups on a connected NAS share, or the initiation of archive jobs with the overwrite flag set will cause all existing data in the NAS share not already known to the Unitrends System database to be deleted from the share before operations begin. If the overwrite flag is not set, data will be written until the share is full and may then fail if more space is not available and further archiving is required. 

Each Unitrends System sending Archive or Backup data to a NAS must have a unique volume on the NAS device.  Multiple Unitrends Systems should not be configured to use the NAS volume, and other systems in your network should not write to that share or else data corruption or unintended purging of data in that share may result. 

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