What is the largest VMDK I can create and attach to UEB? What is the maximum storage that should be assigned to a UEB?


I cannot create a VM greater than 2TB when VMware states it a virtual disk can have up to 62TB


I cannot create a VM greater than 2TB when VMware states it a virtual disk can have up to 62TB.
What is the maximum size of a virtual disk that I can assign to the UEB/UB?


The data will reside on high performance XFS partitions and these partitions have a limit of 300TB. The limitation will be at the Hypervisor or the Operating System of the solution that is in place.

For Unitrends Backup (UB/UEB) the following applies:

PG 7 VMware Deployment (Release 9.0.0-15 | Version 8.10202016)
Initial backup storage Storage you attach to the Unitrends Backup VM that is used to store appliance configuration settings and backups. You attach this storage after deploying the Unitrends Backup VM, but before you configure the appliance using the Quick Setup Wizard. The initial backup storage must be 200GB - 64TB in size.

Pg 21 VMware Deployment (Release 9.0.0-15 | Version 8.10202016)
Disk Size — Defaults to 200GB. Adjust the size of the attached disk, up to 64TB. The size cannot be less than 200GB.

Support for virtual machine disks larger than 2 TB in VMware ESXi 5.5.x and 6.0.x (2058287)

Other basic information on File System limitations:
Ext3 - Maximum file size:     2TB
Ext4 - Maximum file size:     16TB
XFS - Maximum file size:     100TB
XFS - Maximum file system size:     300TB

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