Feature String - Advanced Archiving? ADX and CloudHook


What license value is needed in the Feature String which enables Advanced Archiving and CloudHook? ADX



This article addresses how to verify whether or not a backup appliance is enabled to use the advanced archiving feature.

Applies To                                                                           

 - Unitrends RecoveryOS versions 6.x, 7.x. 8.x
 - CloudHook
 - Advance Archive


Archive: Data that is copied off of the Unitrends Appliance or UEB onto an external resource such as Tape, Hard Disk, NAS, or Cloud Service Provider. It is also the name of the process used to perform the same function.

The ability to Archive is indicated by the Feature String entry of "ADX". New archiving functionality such as CloudHook (v7.5+) also require this entry to exist.

To view the current Feature String for your system, open the Recovery Console Administrative Interface and go to:
      Settings > Systems, Updates, and Licensing > License

The Feature String will look like this:
     Feature String:  J=120,CSS=10,MUX=20,RC=86500G,VC=86500G,D2D=86500G,ENC,ADX,NDMP=1


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