[Animated Tutorial] How to Create a Cold Backup Copy Job


Steps with animated GIFs to setup archiving to cold media


You need to setup a recurring job to copy your backups to removable media such as a NAS or external hard disks, see our backup copy targets for a full list.


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1) Navigate to Configure > Appliances > Backup Copy Targets (click "Scan For Media" if needed) and note the STORAGE  THRESHOLD

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2) Navigate to the Jobs tab and click on Create Job > Backup Copy

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3) Give the job a name (if desired), select the protected assets you wish to have on this job in the INVENTORY pane and then click Next

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4) (OPTIONAL) Check "Overwrite" if a Retention Period is required and the STORAGE THRESHOLD from step 1 lists N/A, otherwise if there is a storage threshold present for the media and a retention period is required you can simply set the retention period desired.

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5) Set scheduling options under JOB DETAIL such as running the job every X days of the week, which day within the first week of the month, or which day(s) every other week the job will run, and at which time.  If the job needs to happen more frequently you can also choose "Recurs Every" to allow it to happen as frequently as hourly, however such an aggressive schedule is not recommended in the majority of cases.  Testing the job will give you an idea if the backups will fit on the media.

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6) Click "Save" and confirm the job is present under Jobs > Job Manager

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