Unable to login to an UEB appliance after rebooting it


This article explains what to do if your UEB appliance’s initial backup storage becomes inaccessible.


For UEB appliances deployed with version 8.1 or higher, you must add a minimum of 140GB as the initial backup storage. Deployment cannot be completed without adding the initial backup storage because it houses the appliance’s unique data as well as backups.

Storing the appliance’s unique data separately from the initial disk enables you to reattach the original UEB’s initial backup storage to a new UEB VM and recover your appliance and backups if necessary. However, this also means the UEB appliance must be able to access the initial backup storage at all times because it houses critical data.

Changing the password or making any configuration changes to external storage connected directly to a UEB VM can prevent the storage from mounting after the UEB VM is rebooted. If this happens or if the storage is offline when rebooting the UEB VM, the storage cannot mount and you cannot log in to the appliance.


If the storage is online at the time of rebooting the UEB VM, but it cannot mount because of password or configuration changes, do one of the following:

  • Restore the storage to the state it was in when you added it to the UEB.  This includes changing the password and restoring the previous configuration. Then log in to the user interface for the UEB appliance. 
  • If you cannot restore to the storage to its previous state, you can deploy a new UEB appliance version 8.1 or higher and attach the storage to the new UEB. If you resolve the problem with this option, when selecting the deployment type, select I am using this appliance to recover existing backup data. For more details, see Deployment Guide for Unitrends Enterprise Backup on Hyper‐V and Deployment Guide for Unitrends Enterprise Backup on VMware.

If the storage is offline at the time of rebooting the UEB VM, do the following:

  1. Bring the storage back online.
  2. Start the database. To do this, run the following command: /etc/init.d/bp_rcscript start​
  3. Ensure the tasker is running using the Legacy UI:
    • From the Status > Present > Currently Executing Jobs page, check the Advanced Options box at the bottom of the screen. Click Start Tasker, and then click Okay.
For requirements, considerations, and procedures for deploying and configuring UEB appliances version 8.1 or higher, see Deployment Guide for Unitrends Enterprise Backup on Hyper‐V and Deployment Guide for Unitrends Enterprise Backup on VMware

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