Setting Up VMware UEB for USB Archiving.


How to setup VMware UEB for USB archiving


Set up VMware UEB for USB archiving based on error: Failed to get internal disk identifier when connecting USB to UB appliances running under VMWare. 


  1. Bring down the unit gracefully. 
  2. Follow the VMware KB to setup a USB Passthrough. 
  3. Once set up, power on the UEB
  4. SSH into the unit
  5. If your system does not already have 'lsusb' installed, install it by running:
    yum install usbutils 
  6. Confirm the unit can see the USB device:
    /usr/bp/bin/hotplug scan 
  7. Once confirmed, check the platform_capabilities file for a line containing "archive_only_usb"
    grep archive_only_usb /var/opt/unitrends/platform_capabilities
  8. If no output is returned, "archive_only_usb" is not present in the platform_capabilities file. Edit the platform_capabilities file:
    vi /var/opt/unitrends/platform_capabilities
    and add 'archive_only_usb' to a new line in the file.  In vi, press 'i' to insert text and add the following on its own line:
  9. Save the file and exit vi by typing ":wq" and pressing enter.
  10. Log into the UI and scan for Media. Media should now be present.

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