Cold backup copy operations may use the wrong device when multiple archive devices are configured


Cold backup copy operations involving both tape and NAS targets may not be successful.


This issue can only impact hardware appliances that are using both tape and an additional archive device such as a disk or NAS device.  

In this case, following media scan jobs configured to use the disk or NAS copy device may be improperly configured to use the tape device.  


To resolve this issue, upgrade your appliance to version 10.1.
Schedules that have been affected may need to be edited to resolve the issue.  


Scans for cold backup copy media NAS or disk may not properly recognize external NAS devices in some cases (i.e, when the NAS is not available, is down, or media is not connected).  When a tape device is also configured, some existing archive profiles were being inappropriately modified by a process associated with the update to release 10.0.  This is related to a function that attempted to fixup configurations where customers changed out tape devices over time used behind the same changer device.  

This is fixed in 10.1 and should no longer occur.  

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