Recovery Series fans are loud in short rack models


This article describes the noise expectations and deployment requirements of small and half-rack Unitrends Appliances.


The fans in the Recovery Series 1U short rack 71X, 6XX or RDXA chassis series models are loud.  


The 8002-8012, 712, 713 and 713S and all 6XX series half-rack and short rack chassis, and the RXDA archiving chassis cooling system are equipped with fans which run at a constant speed to maximize air flow and maintain an ambient chassis temperature.

Maintaining an ambient temperature is critical in a small chassis and therefore the chassis fan speeds cannot be modified and only run at max speed.  

Given their architecture of 1U height, multiple small diameter fans are required for sufficient airflow which have a volume and pitch louder than some similar systems might produce. 

All Unitrends rack chassis are designed to be deployed to server closets or other rooms suitable for server-class hardware deployment and are not intended for placement in user office spaces or on desks.  Proper temperature and humidity environmental management and filtered power systems (UPS) are requirements for deployment.  

The noise levels generated by some systems may be disruptive to office spaces if not secured in a proper rack enclosure or server room.  

For further recommendations and requirements including detail environment and power requirements, please see the Site Preparation Guide located in Documentation


*** For Dell Generation 9 appliances with fans running at high speeds, please update iDRAC to correct the issue***

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