Add Google Nearline backup copy storage


Google Nearline Backup Copy Storage How To


Add Google Nearline backup copy storage.


Set up the storage on Google Cloud Platform:

  1. From Google Cloud Platform, select Storage
  2. Select Browser and create a new bucket using storage class "Nearline"
  3. Create a folder within the bucket to be used as the storage location. 
  4. Select Browser -- Settings -- Interoperability and select "Enable"
  5. Make note of your Access Key and Secret.
Add the target from the Unitrends UI:
  1. From the Unitrends UI, goto Configure -- Appliances -- Backup Copy Targets -- Add Target -- Cloud
  2. Select Google Cloud Storage
  3. Change the default name (Must be less than 9 characters)
  4. Add the storage path <bucket name>/<folder>/   (lower case letters, numbers, dash '-', period '.', and underscore '_'. ONLY)
  5. Add the Access Key and Secret from Google Cloud Platform
  6. Consider setting a storage threshold
Note:  The customer will not be able to see the backup copy in the Google Nearline UI.  This needs to be done from a command line on the customer r's side.

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