I recovered from an archive and can't find the data


Details about restoring archive data and how to get data back to the clients



I restored files from an archived job for a client, but I can’t find the files on the Unitrends appliance


When restoring archive data, it may not be immediately evident or intuitive as to where the data goes, and how to get that data back to the clients.


When restoring archives, whole backups are restored and appear as new backups of the client of the original type, but selective archive restores of file level data appear as selective backups of the client.  Additionally, due to timing involved in the display refresh in the UI, you may not see these backups appear in the UI immediately.


After restoring archives, refresh the system from the status screen using the refresh icon at the bottom of the navigation pane.

After refreshing, look for the backup type (Master, Differential, etc for full archive recovery, or selective backups for file level recovery).  These will appear in the status pane under backups for the last 7 days.  Selecting the client the recovery is intended for in the navigation pane, and sorting the 7 day backup view by date newest at top may make these easier to locate.

Once you locate the restored job, selecting it will reveal the restore options.  You can restore the entire job or just selective files to the original client, alternate path, or alternate client just as you would any other backup job.

For more details, see Archive restore in the Unitrends Administrator's Guide.



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