Create a cold backup copy (archive) of a hot copy backup (replicated)


This article describes the steps for coping a backup from an offsite hot backup copy target to cold copy media.

This article assumes that the backup has already been copied from the original source to the offsite target.

This article also assumes that the cold copy target has been configured and is currently attached to the offsite target.


Creating a cold backup copy of a hot copy backup on the target system is much like creating a cold copy backup from a source.

  1. First, login to the Target appliance.  (When you are logged into the Target appliance, you will be selecting backups that were copied from the Source appliance to the Target appliance to locally attached Cold Backup Copy media.  The backups will be listed under the originating source system).
  2. Navigate to Protect (page) > Copied Assets (tab) > Backup Copy (button).
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  1. Now select the assets to be copied to cold media.
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  2. Next, select your cold copy target and cold copy options.
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  3. Select Save.

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