Failed: Device 'eSATA' not connected (ensure connection and rescan)


Update to 10.3.5 may cause disk prepare failures for cold copies (single disk archive)


After update to 10.3.5, both multi and single disk docks fail to prepare disk media for cold copies (archives).



*** Caution:  For advanced users only. ***

*** May cause un-repairable damage! ***


These steps are intended to help erase the contents of the connected device as that is what the prepare operations is intended to do.

For single-disk jobs:


# Determine your single dock archive device
/usr/bp/bin/hotplug scan

# [workaround] prepare single dock drive device
# e.g. /usr/bp/bin/uarchive-scripts/ /dev/sdf test-name
/usr/bp/bin/uarchive-scripts/ [device] [label]

Replace [device] with the device as seen in the example, and [label] with the device label, also seen in the example.


For multi-disk jobs:

/usr/bp/bin/uarchive-scripts/ "Recovery Archive" [label]

This should be resolved in a coming release, negating the need to run this CLI-based workaround.

Replace [label] with the device label as seen in the example.


Change made in 10.3.5 code.


See also KBs 6700 (Recover Archive Unit) and 6707 (USB attached single disk archive)

EXAMPLE of Output for /usr/bp/bin/hotplug scan
User-added image

EXAMPLE of Output for /usr/bp/bin/uarchive-scripts/ [device] [label]

User-added image

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