Restoring a Backup to the Unitrends System's Samba Share


This article describes how to restore a backup to the system's samba share using the legacy or Satori interface.


To restore a backup to the system's samba share, perform the following:

From Legacy Interface:

  1. Highlight desired client and click on 'Restore' icon
  2. Chose desired recover point in time wheel and select Next (Select Files/Items)
  3. Select desired files in 'File Selection List' window
  4. Click 'Show Advanced Execution Options' box
  5. In 'Client To Which To Restore' chose the Unitrends system, and in Target directory, type: /backups/samba/directoryname/ where "directoryname" is the subdirectory you want it restored to (i.e: /backups/samba/restore/).

    NOTE: You must  end the directory name with a forward slash ("/") so the process knows the restore will be sent to the directory and not a file. If the directory does not exist, it will be created.
  6. Click 'Restore'
From Satori Interface:

Currently, this option is not yet available in the Satori interface.  You will need to switch to the legacy interface and perform the steps listed above.


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