DCA Job fails with Cannot get UEB IP Address

When attempting to run a to-virtual Data Copy Access job the system returns for all VMs "Cannot get the UEB IP address"


/usr/bp/logs.dir/rdr/unitrends-rdr.nohup will also indicate: 


2022-12-14 11:57:17 [Information] Start (StartIR)
2022-12-14 11:57:18 [Error] Ueb_Operations.cs(51): StartIR(): Cannot get the UEB IP address
  at rdrjob.Management.Ueb_Operations+<>c__DisplayClass4_3.<StartIR>b__6 () [0x00049] in <1c89a7aa1b14479db46fd4834ed21206>:0
  at rdrjob.Management.Common.RetryExecution[T] (System.Func`1[TResult] command, System.Nullable`1[T] retries, System.Boolean rethrow, System.String sourceFile, System.String sourceMember, System.Int32 sourceLine) [0x00089] in <1c89a7aa1b14479db46fd4834ed21206>:0



Please verify that you have selected the correct output adapter of the appliance within your DCA job profile and re-save the job.  This is often caused when someone moves from a 1Gbit to a 10Gbit adapter and the Lab Profile isn't updated.

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