Tape restore fails with "Error: Invalid block found" or "Bad tar header" on release 9.0.0-15


When attempting to restore from a tape archive on a hardware appliance or Linux Metal deployment, the profile file on tape fails to be read successfully. This results in either Error: Invalid block found in archive file or Bad tar header at offset 512.


Archive tape restore fails in release 9.0.0-15 with 'Error: Invalid block found' or 'Bad tar header' error message.

The uarchive log found in /usr/bp/bin/logs.dir will show messages like this:

1 (27016): Dec 30 06:51:42 : [LOG0] ctarheader.c:33: Bad tar header
1 (27016): Dec 30 06:51:42 : [LOG0] restorejob.c:2866: Error in transfer_via_scan_ua()
1 (27016): Dec 30 06:51:42 : [LOG0] uaerr.c:40: Error: Invalid block found in archive file
1 (27016): Dec 30 06:51:42 : [LOG0] restorejob.c:2867: Bad tar header at offset 512
1 (27016): Dec 30 06:51:42 : [LOG0] archiverw.c:3343: Filter information missing in transform, can't proceed.


Upgrade to release 9.1 or higher and repeat the archive recovery attempt.


The profile information stored on tape archives may fail to be successfully read, preventing recovery of data from the archive in release 9.0.0-15. This was due to a code issue and this issue is limited to release 9.0.0-15. The data on tape is not corrupt, the system simply encounters an error when attempting to process the file.

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