Backup Catalog doesn't display anything and reports cannot run because the "From" date cannot be after the "To" date


Steps to resolve a problem when the backup catalog is empty and the date range can't be set for reports


The backup catalog (located under Recover > Backup Catalog) does not display any backups, and when running reports the following message is displayed when the date range is set appropriately:

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This can occur in rare situations where the dates of the backups are in the incorrect format.  To correct this specific issue you can force the appliance to set the date format again by following these steps:

1) Click on the global menu (Gears icon) and select "Set Language"

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2) Change to an alternate language and click Apply, then repeat the steps to change it back to the original language:

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3) Confirm that you can see backups in the Backup Catalog and can run reports without the error.

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