[Animated Tutorial] How to Test a VM Backup


Animated steps for testing a VM backup


Follow these steps to restore a VM in audit mode for testing purposes.

For more information regarding Recovering Host-level Backups, see the Administrator Guide.


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  1. Navigate to Recover > Backup Catalog
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  2. Locate and select the recovery point you wish to test then click Instant Recovery
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  3. Under "Define Recovery Options" click the box next to "Recover this VM in Audit Mode"
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  4. Select a target storage, and if needed, also an alternate host (location), resource, and/or network, then click Next
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  5. If desired, change the name of the VM to be restored then click Save
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  6. Go to the sub-tab "Instant Recovery" select your new VM and click "View Details" to see its current status
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  7. When the VM becomes available successfully you know the VM backup is usable for recovery!

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