How to move a UB virtual appliance to a different host


Steps on how to move a Unitrends Backup virtual appliance from one ESXi host to a new host

NOTE:  This process ONLY works for UBs deployed using best practice storage setup using virtual disks in a datastore only.   It is NOT possible to manually move data from passthru storage to new storage when a SAN or NAS storage is used.  



The UB appliance needs to be moved to a new host.  


The database of the appliance needs to be gracefully stopped during the procedure but the UB VM itself needs to be live during the entire process.  DO NOT shutdown the appliance when it is migrated to the new host, doing so will result in the licensing being broken.   This process will require a vCenter server managing ESXi hosts, or migrating a UB within a Microsoft Hyper-V cluster.   UBs cannot be moved from one separate cluster to another intact this way.  


The following steps should be taken from the command line and in VMware

1. Bring down the Unitrends PostgreSQL database:

/etc/init.d/bp_rcscript stop

2. Confirm that no database processes are running:

ps -leaf | grep -v grep | grep postg

This should return just the request for information.  If postgres operations are still running do not proceed with the migration!  Contact support for further assistance.

3. Migrate the UB VM to the new host using Storage vMotion or Hyper-V Live Migration while it is still powered on.

4. Once the VM has been completely moved bring the database and all processes back online:

/etc/init.d/bp_rcscript start

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