No backups appear available to recover after updating to release 10.1.1-3 or later.


Upon updating to 10.1.1-3 or later the Recover > Backup Browser shows blank


Recover tab blank following update to 10.1


Note at the far right, a change has been made to the default filter scope with release 10.1.1 defaulting to "today" for filter range, and including only locally protected clients only.
Changing this filter to list the assets protected by a specific appliance for a set data range can readily be done by updating these fields.  
Note, once a filter is entered, customers can now also save filter scopes as custom filters and set any filter they would like as a default scope.  

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The change from displaying 7 days of recovery points for all assets on all managed appliances to using today-only and local backups view was done to improve load times of this panel.  Customers are most commonly looking to recover backups from a specific asset, so a filtered view is more commonly necessary vs a collective/all view.  

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