[Animated Tutorial] How to Create a Windows Replica


Steps to setup a Windows Replica on the Unitrends appliance


Create a stand-by VM replica of your Windows server using Windows replicas.


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1) Navigate to Recover > Replicas, choose Create Replicas > Windows, and select the server you wish to setup as a replica, then click Next.

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2) Select the "Type" of replica (where you wish to host the replica), and choose the number of processor cores and amount of memory you wish to configure for this replica; please note that resources on the Unitrends appliance cannot be over-provisioned, and at least 2 CPU and 4 GB of RAM need to be retained for the appliance to function, otherwise replicas will become halted.  Once done, click Save

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Note: You can check how many resources your appliance has by clicking on the (?) button and then "About"

Note: Replicas will begin in the "new" mode, will move to "restore" mode, during which time you can check the progress of the restore under Jobs > Active Jobs, and then remain in idle mode until new backups need to be restored into the replica or you click Go Live, Audit, or Tear Down.

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