WIR / Replica: I have a Virtual Failover Client that I just put in Audit mode. Why do I not see a Network Interface? Are drivers missing?


Windows Instant Recovery VFC


Windows Instant recovery: We created windows instant recovery for windows 2008 R2 server on unitrends device. The restore is completed and is in Audit mode. We logged in to the client running on unitrends device. The problem is no network adapter is shown under network settings. We checked the device manager and no installed network cards available as well as no unknown devices in the list.Administrator Guide for Recovery Series and Unitrends Backup 10.1


When a Virtual Failover Client is placed in Audit mode, you can access the VM using VNC, but an actual network interface does not exist in the VM itself. This is why you connect to the VM using the Unitrends Appliance's IP Address and Port number.  As explained in the Administrator Guide:

"A VFC running in audit mode is booted with no network interface. Auditing the VFC with the original client still online does not result in network conflicts or impact the original client in any way. However, applications on the VFC requiring network access are not fully functional in audit mode."

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