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Unable to Power ON a Virtual Machine after Restoring


Unable to Power ON a Virtual Machine after Restoring



To let customers know when a restored VMware Virtual Machine cannot be powered ON, it can be an issue on VMware side.


From Unitrends Software Version 7.2.0, we support restore of Virtual Machines (VMs) to Resource Pools (RPs) and vApps that belong to the ESX Server. The Restore process of restoring to a RP or vApp will proceed successfully. However, when the VM is powered ON, the ESX Server will show an error as attached.


This happens because the RP to which the VM is restored to might not have the resources (RAM and CPU) required for powering ON the VM.


On the ESX Server, using the vSphere Client, drag and drop the VM on the ESX Server itself i.e. move the VM from the RP or vApp to the ESX Server. Power ON the VM now and it will come up as intended.

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