Password Reset: How to reset the root password of the Web Administrative Interface on your Unitrends system


Password Reset: Administrative Interface UI



This article provides the necessary steps to reset the Root UI password for the web interface of a backup appliance.



  1. Use an SSH client such as  PuTTY to access the Unitrends system at the command line level.  

    Note:  Ensure you have the OS password to access the Unitrends system’s command line.  The OS  password may differ from the password used to access the User Interface. For appliances initially shipped prior to release 10.3.7, the default credentials were username "root" and password "unitrends1" both without the quotes.

    Warning: Unitrends highly recommends against using any form of the string 'unitrend' in any password. Any password containing this phrase, in either the UI or OS, should be changed immediately. See also How to Change your OS Root Password.  Appliances running version 10.3.8 and higher will not allow a password to be set to this.  

  2. Now, execute the following command to confirm that the root :

    psql -U postgres bpdb -c "select * from bp.users where username='root'"

    (confirm root user is shown)


  1. We are going to run the command below to change the password. After running the command below, the password will be:   UBp@ssword
    psql -U postgres bpdb -c "update bp.users set password='35745d7b8d0a102a00ff6a09f4fa31071a180b12' where username='root'"


  2. Now, you should be able to access the user interface using the updated credentials, root / UBp@ssword.
  3. Immediately change your password to a non-published password by navigating to Configure > Edit > Users. Highlight the "root" username and select 'Edit'.
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  1. Select Change to set your new password.

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See also How to Change your OS Root Password.

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