Kroll was Unable to display the archive mailbox


When attempting to restore an Archive mailbox using Kroll, you receive the following error.

"Unable to display the archive mailbox. you don't have access to view this mailbox because the agent for archive mailboxes is not active."

This applies to Kroll mailbox limited/capped licenses on Kroll v7.3.   


An alternate Kroll (now branded simply "Ontrack") license is required to resolve this issue. 

If you are currently licensed for Unitrends Enterprise Plus edition of a physical or virtual backup system with active support contract, AWESOME, you already have the right to upgrade without charge!  Just contact Support and within about 1 business day our licensing team can issue you an updated key for the latest edition of Ontrack Power Controls including SQL, Exchange and Sharepoint.   Future editions of PowerControls as they may be released by Ontrack are provided as part of entitlements included with the Unitrends Enterprise Plus tier. 

However, if you acquired your Kroll license through a line-item or add-on purchase, either as a standalone purchase option for X exchange mailboxes, or as part of a PHD Virtual or UCRS purchase, and did not later acquire a 9.x Kroll license through other purchases or E-Plus upgrade, those older 7.3 licenses are expired and cannot be reissued by Kroll. They continue to be usable, indefinitely, but they do not have upgrade rights to newer editions.  We'll need to put you in touch with our sales department to talk about getting an upgrade.  The easiest way to start that conversation is to go to, and interact with our sales chat team.  This will also apply if you got Kroll from any company other than Unitrends directly, or purchased it online or through Kroll's direct sales.  

If you don't know how you acquired Kroll, email or chat with our support team, and we can cross check our records and see if we can help, and direct you to the right team to help get you the license you need.  



With version 7.3 and older Kroll chose to separately enable the option to access archive mailboxes in their editions of license keys that were capped for having max mailbox counts.  Licenses issued through Unitrends to our customers under prior arrangements with Kroll where capped mailbox were in place did not have this feature.  Since Kroll will no longer issue updated feature keys to release 7.3 deployments, (it's been discontinued since 2017), entitlement to a currently supported release is required to resolve this issue.  Many Unitrends customers who have Kroll already have this right through enterprise plus license terms with Unitrends.  Those that do not will have to update their product tier to a version that includes Ontrack PowerControls.  


Note, Ontrack PowerControls is not required to access or restore historical exchange data. (it just makes it a lot easier).  Exchange admins can load backup copies of older exchange databases to an Exchange Recovery Area in an exchange server and utilize Exchange PowerShell commands to export user mailboxes including archive mailboxes to PST formats. Unitrends can assist in restoring your exchange agent based application backups from our appliance to an exchange recovery area, or export your backups from VM or Image backups through FLR.  If you need support with exporting the data using powershell beyond that point, Unitrends Support will be unable to assist directly, and we recommend you research those processes online or contact Microsoft Support or a consultant for assistance.  

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