iSeries: Restore Succeeds but RSTUSRPRF Fails


iSeries: Restore Succeeds but RSTUSRPRF Fails



To explain why you may see the RSTUSRPRF command failed message in the iSeries restore log after a successful restore.


On a successful restore you may notice the following error in the restore log:

[21:51:04] [T00] backupFTP[ftp.c,1993]: RSTUSRPRF command failed

  550 Not all user profiles or authority objects restored..

This is an acceptable failure.


The Unitrends restore process calls RSTUSRPRF with the option OBJ(*NEW) which will only restore objects that do not currently exist on the machine. If no user objects are deleted/modified there is nothing to restore which triggers the failure message. The long message from the log spool indicates that 0 profiles were restored. 0 profiles were not restored. 0 authority lists were restored. 0 authority lists were not restored etc


We currently treat this short message as an acceptable failure.  No further action needs to be taken.


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