What is required to perform an image-based bare metal restore?


This article gives details about the requirements to perform a successful image-based bare metal restore of a systems boot volume.


In order to perform a BareMetal restore it may be necessary for you to provide a mass storage driver and/or a network driver. 

Unitrends Support Service may assist you with driver location should you have a valid support contract or have agreed to purchase hourly support; however, Unitrends is not responsible for providing these drivers.

What you will need:

  1. BareMetal boot CD.
  2. Restorable machine that has at least enough physical storage on the volume to receive the partition table that the boot partition resides upon and the data that is the boot volume.

Note:  This point is worded specifically to highlight that should a backup source’s 40 GB C:, for example, be located on a volume that also contains a 100 GB D: then the restore target would need to be able to successfully create both partitions.



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