Can not restore files to a UNC path (Example: \\ipaddress\share\ )


You cannot restore files to a UNC path (Example:  \\ipaddress\share\  )


You must have already installed the most recent Unitrends Client Agent on the system that you wish to send data to, and it must be listed in the CONFIGURE page under the Protected Assets tab.

If this is true, then you will able to select that Protected Asset's name from the Asset drop down, and choose the Directory (using the Browse button or by typing in the target path) where you want the data to be sent to. We recommend that you create a directory on that Protected Asset first. The Target Path needs to be in drive letter: \path\ format (for example: D:\restore\). The second back slash (\) is important as it denotes a directory.


Use of a UNC path is not allowed for restores.

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