VMWare Instant Recovery cannot create Datastore - Error creating datastore - NoPermission -- Host.Config.Storage required


After starting the IR restore you immediately receive an error that the NFS mount failed and you have confirmed that the account being used for vCenter has access to create VMs and Datastores within VMWare.


A VMWare Instant Recovery is started and when viewed on the IR status page a failure is seen within a few seconds similar to:

Instant recovery failed: Failed to perform instant recovery: Error creating datastore - PlatformConfigFault. VMkernel failed to mount the NFS share. Ensure that the NFS server is accessible and that the DPU's firewall is configured to allow NFS. 

The first thing to check is permissions within VMWare for the service account configured to save the vCenter or ESXi client. If the service account has Administrator permissions on the ESX host and Datastore check logs on the appliance and the ESXi host the IR is pointing to.

You may find an error similar to:

1. Appliance /var/log/messages: rpc.mountd[26621]: refused mount request from for /_ir/vmware_ir/f3903ba6-87ed-11e1-2000-2a60000b00ef/ (/): no export entry

2. ESXi host /scratch/<UUID>/syslog.log or vxpa.log with errors similar to: Cannot connect to NFS server


Once you've located one of the above errors you can proceed to test these resolutions:

1. Error found in appliance's messages you will need to add an entry into the /etc/hosts.allow file:

vi /etc/hosts.allow

Create a new line and add the below in this exact order and save and exit

ALL : <ip address of host> <hostname>


ALL : esxhost.domain.local

2. Error found in appliance's vmware_instant_recovery_create.log and ESXi host's system logs:

Verify that the NFS_Client service is started on the ESX host and is allowing the IP of the appliance. Also make sure that the UEB VM that is creating the IR is set to the correct virtual network within VMWare to allow the correct routing.



This is cause by Linux permissions not allowing external hosts from attaching to NSF mounts or NFS and networking not configured correctly in VMWare. 

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