Failed to obtain the VM generation number.


How to resolve the following Hyper-V instant recovery error: "Failed to obtain the VM generation number."



To explain how to resolve the following error when performing Hyper-V instant recovery:  “Failed to obtain the VM generation number.”


To resolve this issue, you must install Unitrends Windows agent release 8.0 or higher on the server hosting the original VM.  Although you can perform Hyper-V instant recovery using backups run with an earlier agent release, 8.0 or higher must be installed on the Hyper-V server for the appliance performing the instant recovery to retrieve the generation number for the VM.  If agent release 8.0 or higher has already been installed on the server hosting the VMs, you must refresh the list of VMs in the backup window of the appliance.  Use the following procedure:

1. Select the applicable Hyper-V application in the Navigation pane.

2. Click Backup in the Main Menu.

3.  Click the refresh button in the lower right corner of the screen.

You should now be able to perform Hyper-V instant recovery.

For more information about Hyper-V instant recovery, see Instant recovery for Hyper-V in the Unitrends Recovery-Series and UEB Administrator’s Guide.

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