How to Test a Bare Metal Restore ( with source still online)


How to Test a Bare Metal Restore ( with source still online)




How to run an image-based “Bare Metal Restore Test” of a client that is still online

This would allow one to test the functions and understand exactly how Bare Metal Restores Work without having a client go “down”.

Note: This article explains how to run a test image-based bare metal recovery.  To perform a test integrated bare metal recovery for a Windows client, see Performing a test integrated bare metal recovery in the Unitrends Administrator's Guide.



(Note: One must have a virtual infrastructure implemented previously to test using this method)



1.   Perform a Bare Metal backup on Client X

2.   Go to client X and run the Bare Metal Agent

3.   Burn to disk or transfer ISO file to a location accessible by your hypervisor

4.   Set up new virtual machine with similar hardware specifications

Client X = 4 GB ram / 500 GB SATA Hard Drive / 1GB NIC

Virtual Client X = 4 GB ram / 600 GB SATA Hard Drive / 1 GB NIC

{WANRING = Target hard drive must be LARGER than Source}

{NOTE = Adding 50gb – 100gb to target hard drive to ensure success}


1.   Attach Bare Metal ISO to Virtual Client

2.   Boot Client through hypervisor

3.   Once Bare Metal Recovery has booted and you get to main interface go to your Appliance GUI

4.   Change Client X IP in “Configure > Appliances, Network, edit Host File” to new IP that will be assigned to Virtual Client X <--- "if not done appliance will still see the original online and not list the baremetal as available"

5.   Go back to Bare Metal Restore GUI and change settings to reflect current Virtual Client IP

6.   Once you have network setup and you can reach appliance, choose Bare Metal Restore point and begin restore

7.   Once Restore is complete return to Appliance GUI and change Client X IP back to original IP and add Virtual Client X to the “Host File” with new IP

8.   Once added into the Appliance and agent has been installed, Backups from Client X can be Restored to Virtual Client X through Restore Menu

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