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Get Networking information to update in the Integrated Bare Metal Recovery GUI


Get Networking information to update in the Integrated Bare Metal Recovery GUI



Explain how to get the network settings to update from the Integrated Bare Metal Recovery GUI


The Integrated Bare Metal Recovery GUI reads network adapter information at startup, and subsequently when a network change is made through the GUI.  When a change occurs outside of the GUI, however, the values displayed in the GUI are not updated.


There is no automatic updating of network information in the GUI


If initially there are no network adapters shown in the list because a network driver needs to be loaded, after loading the driver, you can click on the dropdown list and select the only entry that reads, “No Network Adapters.  Select to re-scan”.  Note that you actually have to select tis from the drop down list.  Simply clicking on the list, but not selecting it will not work.  This operation should cause a re-scan for networking information and the list should be updated.

If initially there is a network adapter shown, but it does not have a DHCP address because the network cable is unplugged, or for some other reason, you must stop and re-start the GUI.  To do this, simply click on Exit, then from the command line, type in Restore to restart the GUI.  After a restart, the GUI should show the correct networking information.

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