Backup Copy are not showing on target appliance


ISSUE:  We recently resolved an issue but backup copy job and the job says it is completing, however there are no jobs showing on the target appliance and nothing in the Backup Catalog when I log in directly to the target appliance.


RESOLUTION: From the RECOVER page, you will want to edit the FILTER BACKUPS options on the right and...
1) Select a FROM and TO data that is just before and after you expected backup that you are looking for.
2) In the "Type" section, select Backup Copy (Hot).
     NOTE: If your resolution is not wide enough to show this in its entirety, hold the CTRL key on the keyboard, and use the Scroll Button on the mouse to ZOOM the data into view.)
3) Click the Filter button and the query will be sent to the Unitrends, and shortly after the page will reload with your data.
There is a subtle different between the views of this data from the Source vs the Target. The icon on the Source will show a cloud to indicate the data is not local to the unit and is on the Remote site.
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CAUSE:  The new HTML5 /ui/ Administrative Interface does not display the Backup Copy data (hot or cold) by default, and will only display the last 7 days.

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