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Exchange Restore



Restoring Exchange Database on exchange server 2007+

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Exchange data restore

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There are some special circumstances for restoring an exchange database I will go through the easy way to restore the exchange server and the advanced way which maybe needed


Sometimes exchange will keep older configuration when moving or restoring exchange




Resolution need to make sure the database can be overwritten by a restore.

-To apply this setting right click the mailbox database and select the checkbox that says “This database can be overwritten by a restore”. You should be able to restore after you apply that setting.

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2. If the first action fails please try emptying the data store folder

          - the data story may need to be copied to an alternate location for the time being. After that you may be able to restore. Please try the restore once more.


The next is and advanced procedure used to restore for corruption.

3. Next procedure is last call procedure.  

Please copy contents to an alternate location and  and restore the exchange to an alternate path.


  • You need to copy the user current database to another folder  then copy and rename your database to match the current.
  • We need to try some eseutil commands before so we have to make sure there are no logs other then the database and the E00
  • Your first eseutil command should be eseutil /p “database name” this is repair mode(this normally fixes the issue)
  • You should also defrag using eseutil /D “database name”
  • If still you have failures you may have to use the eseutil /CC “database name”
  • After you have ran the following command please try mounting your exchange store


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