Restore server from a master or full backup using Windows Integrated Bare Metal


Perform a P2V restore from a master/full, incremental or differential Windows agent backup.


Perform a Restore of a Physical machine, or VM that is being backed up with an agent, using Windows Integrate Bare Metal Restore.


  1. Navigate to the UNC path of the unitrends device, and the the virutal_failover folder.
  \\<ip of unitrends>\virtual_failover\ 
  1. Choose the correct .iso file for the OS of the system you need to restore.
   64-BIT: winbm.iso
   32-BIT: winbm32.iso
  1. Burn the image to a disk, or copy the .iso to the datastore.
  2. Create a VM that contains the same resource qualities as the system you wish to restore. For disks space, it should be equal to or larger than the original.
  3. Boot the VM to the .iso file. This starts the Bare Metal Recovery wizard.
  4. In some case (such as a legacy image based bare metal restore), you may need to set the IP Address to be the same used by the system you need to restore. This is done by clicking "Change Settings" and set the IP to be the same as the original server, with subnet mask and gateway set accordingly. While on this screen, also set the time zone. Click next. 
  5. Choose your Client you wish to restore from the drop-down menu (Sometimes you will need to input the IP of your Unitrends device first). Once you have chosen the client you wish to restore, choose a recovery point to restore too. Click Next.
  6. Click add, to add the partitions to the new disk, or if they were same size, it will automatically do this for you. Click next.
  7. From the final window, you simply need to hit restore. When the restore completes, a message will pop up, and you can click "OK" and then "Exit" to reboot. 

If the machine blue screens on boot, with error code ending in 7b, boot back into the baremetal recovery, choose "Inject Drivers" and then choose VMware, Hyper-V, or Xen Server, to inject the storage drivers. Once you have selected that, click "Inject Driver" and it will inject the drivers for you. Once that is done, reboot and it should boot into windows with no errors. If you see further errors, please contact support. 

You will see an error on first boot, stating that Windows was shutdown improperly. This is to be excepted because the server was live during the backup, and it doesn't know why it's booting without being shutdown first. 

If this server doesn't have applications such as exchange or SQL, that's it, you are done. If you have Apps, you will need to go back to the Unitrends webUI, and perform those restores, and you may need to activate your other drive partitions.

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