Excludes for iSeries during restore


You must exclude certain system directories during data recovery to prevent system data from being overwritten.


By default we will restore system data to iSeries systems in EVERY restore, even when only selective files are to be restored. 
To avoid overwriting this data, when performing an iSeries restore, it is necessary to exclude the system directories manually from restore. 


Be sure to exclude the following, when performing a restore, otherwise user system data will be overwritten.  Commonly, as these are also included in iSeries GO SAVE processes that need to be done in addition to Unitrends data level backups, these directories are commonly excluded by users from backups themselves as well, and if so would not be recovered.   

/System Configuration 
/Security Data


More information about System Configuration and Security Data backup for iSeries can be found online in our Legacy Admin Guide iSeries backup operation section.  

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