How to restore a vm to different server-pool?


How to restore a VM to different server-pool?


You would need to deploy a new Unitrends system where the other Poolmaster is located, and add an entry for the new Poolmaster into the new Unitrends system. Once this is done you will have two choices...

  1. Link the first Unitrends system and the Second unitrends system into a Source Target relationship and replicate your data (using Hot Backup Copy) from the original Unitrends system (Source) and the new Unitrends system (Target). Once the Target has the data, you can restore.
  2. Export the data using the Cold Backup Copy function to a NAS or media that the Hypervisor supports. Then import the data to the new Unitrends system. Once imported, you can perform the restore.


Unitrends Backup Enterprise Virtual Appliance will only communicate with ONE Poolmaster.

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