Unable to create remote FLR. The target does not have enough reserved scratch free space ...


Upon attempting to create a remote FLR for a hot backup copy, you encounter the error "The target does not have enough scratch free space (* KB) for the request (* KB).". The error persists even after verifying that no other remote FLRs running are running. 

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The remote FLR allocation configured on the target may need to be increased to support larger hot backup copy backup sizes. 

There are two options in this particular scenario.

  • Increase the amount of backup storage allocated to the target which increases the available allocation for remote FLR. 
  • Increase MaxFLRDownloadSizePCT (default 25) by a sufficient amount (not to exceed 80) to allow for the recovery of the affected backup via remote FLR.   
1. SSH to target appliance
2. Determine the current value for the MaxFLRDownloadSizePCT parameter:
[root@den-ltr-uni ~]# bputil -g SelfService MaxFLRDownloadSizePCT NA /usr/bp/bpinit/master.ini
3. Use the bputil command to update the master.ini or manually modify it via UI or VIM (cli text editor):
[root@den-ltr-uni ~]# bputil -p SelfService MaxFLRDownloadSizePCT 50 /usr/bp/bpinit/master.ini
4. Verify that the parameter value has been updated:
[root@den-ltr-uni ~]# bputil -g SelfService MaxFLRDownloadSizePCT NA /usr/bp/bpinit/master.ini


The remote FLR storage required for the selected backup exceeds the percentage of free space available on the target as defined by the [SelfService] MaxFLRDownloadSizePCT parameter in the master.ini.



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