What is the best way to deleting data that is older than one year old?


What is the best way to deleting data that is older than 1 year old?


When data is less than one year old, you can use the
     RECOVER > Backup Catalog > Backup Browser (button on top)

This gives you easy access to the backups, easily add/remove column headers (e.g.: add size but remove LTR), and multi-sort to show your backups in an understandable, historical manner. You can select multiple items for deletion and click Delete once and approve it. The Backup Browser's limit is 12 months.

When you have more than one year worth of data, you will need to use
     RECOVER > Backup Catalog > FILTER BACKUPS

  1. Click on TO and change to the value to the previous year
  2. Click on FROM and change the year value to an even older one
  3. Remove the checkbox from Successes.
  4. Now, select the type of backup to include in the results. For the Type:
    • if you are deleting data from the Source appliance, choose Backup and Imported Backup.
    • if you are deleting data from the Target (Backup Copies), choose Backup Copy (Hot).
  5. Click the button labeled, Filter.

When the report is displayed, you may want to click on the calendar button, just above the column headers (flip calendar symbol with the number 29 in it). This will re-sort the output into the days of the calendar year when the backups were taken. You can then expand those dates, and delete what is needed. Once you have chosen what to delete, check the total dates affected, and if you are OK with the choice, click Confirm.

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