Kroll Ontrack Recovery for SharePoint


Kroll Ontrack Recovery for SharePoint and Exchange


Work with your existing SharePoint database (MDF, NDF, and LDF) to restore select content directly to your SharePoint target or to a different SharePoint server.

Please see Ontrack's documentation linked below for product features and limitations, or the Unitrends Admin guide for step by step instructions on use.  


Things you must take into consideration when installing Kroll Ontrack PowerControls software

  • Your must perform a file level type of restore of your SharePoint backup from the Unitrends system UI. This will allow you to present the data for Ontrack to access. This is an SMB Share presented through port 445.  If you have disabled the SMBv1 protocol in your environment you may also need to reference this KB: How Unitrends supports SMBv2
  • Download the latest version of Ontrack PowerControls from our Downloads Site.
  • There are two components you must install. The Ontrack Agent For Content Transfer Transport must be installed on the computer that has the Web Front End for the SharePoint Server. You must log onto the computer as the SharePoint Farm Admin before you run the installation. Failure to do this, will result in the Ontrack Agent For Content Transfer Transport not being installed. This is a critical component required for the restore process.
  • Ensure that TCP Port 21579 is open between the computer with Ontrack installed and the SharePoint server.
  • Once the installer is launched, you can refer to the readme file for system requirements and additional installation instructions.
  • Ontrack PowerControls for Microsoft Exchange or SharePoint must be installed on a workstation or server with a 32-bit version of Outlook installed.

Ontrack's guides and the accompanied Unitrends video is very details in providing the steps needed for the restoration process. These have been provided below for your convenience.

Technical Documentation:
Video - RecoveryOS and Kroll for SharePoint: SharePoint Item-level Restores with Kroll
Video - UVB/PHD and Kroll for SharePoint: Restoring SharePoint objects with PHD Virtual FLR

SharePoint Target Files and Servers > Search Functionality | Ontrack® PowerControls for Microsoft® SharePoint:
SharePoint Source Files > Source Files | Ontrack® PowerControls for Microsoft® SharePoint®:

If you need further assistance, please feel free to contact Unitrends at (888) 374-6124 (24/7).  Unitrends provides all direct support for Ontrack products distributed by Unitrends.  


NOTE: Ontrack PowerControls licencing for granular recovery is only available to customers with Unitrends Enterprise Plus product tiers covered under active support.  If you have an older version of Kroll with SharePoint (9.1 or older) that was distributed by Unitrends, please contact Unitrends Support and we can determine your eligibility for upgrades to newer Ontrack releases.   Customers without Enterprise Plus licencing from Unitrends who may have older Kroll products that lack the SharePoint or who wish to discuss acquiring a new license should reach out to their sales representative, or, access sales chat at  


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