Application consistent VMware backup does not quiesce VSS writers or perform a VSS snapshot


Successful application consistent VMware backup causes significant interruption to the VM guest during snapshot operations and/or contains inconsistent application data.


The Microsoft Volume Shadow Service (VSS) within the Windows VM attempts to do perform a Volume Shadow Copy, but is unable to read the disk UUID or Serial Number value for one or more virtual machine disks.

The “disk.EnableUUID” parameter in the Virtual Machine Configuration (VMX)  is missing or set to FALSE


  1. Open vSphere or ESX host client UI, and log into VMware.
  2. Locate the affected virtual machine, and gracefully shut down the virtual machine.
  3. After the VM powers off, right-click the virtual machine, and choose Edit Settings.
  4. Click VM Options tab, and select Advanced.
  5. Click Edit Configuration in Configuration Parameters.
  6. Locate disk.EnableUUID
  7. If present and set to FALSE, continue to step 10.
  8. Click Add parameter.
  9. In the Key column, type disk.EnableUUID.
  10. In the Value column, type TRUE.
  11. Click OK and click Save.
  12. Power on the virtual machine


  • A virtual machine with OS type “Windows Server 2016” is created using the ESXi 6.0/6.5 Host Client.
  • The virtual machine was created on version 4.0 and older.


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